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I’m Robert Maynard, the Founder and CEO of SurchX. I am truly humbled to be its leader and I will work every day to earn that privilege. I have been an entrepreneur most of my life and have some big wins, and some losses to my credit. Two of my companies have gone public:  Internet America and LifeLock. I believe that SurchX is the biggest company I have ever conceived, let alone, worked on. I have four great kids and an awesome grandson. I am also a walking talking miracle. Ask me if you’d like to hear that story.

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Leadership • Entrepreneurship • Mental Health


Robert Maynard can be an electrifying speaker on neurodiversity, because he speaks from the heart.

 A neurodiverse person himself, Robert admits he lost two fortunes due to the consequences of his bipolar disorder. Only after receiving a correct diagnosis and proper treatment did he stabilize enough to start his latest company, SurchX. As he says, “the goal of SurchX is not only to make a bunch people a lot of money, as my other companies did, but to raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace and help others get the treatment I had to wait 46 years to get.”

Robert now thinks of neurodiversity as his “secret weapon,” and he has created a culture in which employees who are not “normal” can thrive. He can help you do this in your company and organization as well. 

He also speaks on the entrepreneurial journey, from the perspective of someone who has launched five companies.


Systems are managed. People are led.

Robert Maynard on building, managing and leading teams.

The Entrepreneur

SurchX Lifelock • Internet America


In the late 1990s Maynard founded Internet America, the first fixed price Internet Service Provider, in his home. Within 4 years the company had grown to over 145,000 subscribers. It went public just as the dot com bubble burst, but not without first becoming what we now call a “unicorn”—a company with a billion dollar valuation.

Maynard then founded Dotsafe, a provider of Internet filtering for education that uncovered multiple online predators before itself becoming a victim of the dot com bust.

His next entrepreneurial effort was LifeLock, which specialized in identity theft protection. The system created by Maynard and Davis was intended to detect fraudulent actions for a variety of financial services. Over the next couple of years, the company expanded rapidly, becoming a multi-billion dollar company before being bought by Symantec.


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